UCCNC screensets, macros, etc.......

UCCNC is an up and coming CNC control software that's quickly becoming an excellent replacement for Mach3 users looking to upgrade to a better control.


2017 Screenset

A simplified UCCNC screenset in HD (1920x1080) format, with added features to make your CNC experience much more enjoyable. Additional features include:

• Simple Z axis Auto Zero - no need to scour the internet to find an auto zero macro, and spend hours getting it to work with your machine. The 2017 screenset has a Z axis auto zero macro that's ready to run.

• All buttons are clearaly labeled with plain text, no icons (*except homing and zeroing individual axis)

• Manual too change macro that automatically zero's tools after a tool change.

• 4 Park positions (2 available from g-code only).

• A variety of basic probing routines, icluding edge, corner, pocket and center probing.

• Contains all standard UCCNC functions in a simplified layout with fewer screens.


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Huanyang VFD plugin for UCCNC


User Dan911 at CNC Zone has written a UCCNC plugin for the Huanyang VFD that many of us use.

Thread at CNC Zone

Download latest version HYPLUGIN 1.0012 (as of 6/2/17 - Requires UCCNC 1.2039 or later.)


I'm using this USB to RS485 Converter from Amazon.

And here's a link to the driver I'm using for it.


Notepad ++ UCCNC Macro Language

User Robertspark at the UCCNC forum has created a UCCNC Macro Language and autocomplete option for editing macros in Notepad ++.

Thread at UCCNC Forum


Vectric Post Processors

UCCNC Post Processors for Vectric's Aspire and V-Carve Pro 9.5.

Posts do not include G43 Tool Length Offset.

Download Posts